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Renting a safari tent in Groningen at Vodatent! Rent your comfortable safari tent at the best family campsites.

Many people do not see the appeal of Groningen as a holiday destination, but you definitely should when the capital has the same name as the province. Visit the Martini Tower or take a boat trip through the canals. The city centre of Groningen is very cosy. You will find many nice terraces for a delicious lunch or a drink. But the province with its beautiful landscape serves as a great holiday province.  


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Our safari tents

Do you want to go on a camping holiday in Groningen, but you don't want the stress of putting the tent? The comfortable safari tent of Vodatent will be the perfect solution. You will sleep in normal beds and you can make dinner in the fully equipped moveable kitchen. A fridge can't be missed in this tent. At night you can sit under the spacious awning with a glass of wine or play a game with the whole family. In short, everything you need is included. 

Rent a safari tent in Groningen for a fishing holiday

Would you like to go out with friends for a weekend of fishing? Think of Groningen, it has a lot to offer for anglers. After all, there is plenty of water in Groningen. With wide canals (including the Eemskanaal, Winschoterdiep and the Noord Willemskanaal) that run right through the province, it is good to fish for whitefish and zander. You could also go to one of the many lakes and sand excavations to cast your fishing rod. These are the fishing spots for carp anglers. 

On holiday to Groningen

A holiday to Groningen is a fantastic experience. Whether you are alone, with friends or family. There is something to do for everyone. Spend some wonderful time together and the children can also do their own thing here. Would you like to go out with friends? Then the city of Groningen has plenty to offer. The city centre simply exudes a sense of conviviality. Relax together when you escape the usual grind. Visit one of the several sights or do nothing at all, Groningen is still the ultimate destination for you. 

The Groninger Wad

The best way to discover the coast of Groningen is on the cycle path "Kiek over Diek", however, an introduction to the Wadden Sea can be done with mudflat walking. This unique area is on the UNESCO world heritage list. At the visitor centre, they will tell you all about it. In addition, there are several beautiful places that you must have visited if you have been to Groningen. The Wadden Sea is full of goodies. Chances are that if you order a fish dish in a restaurant, it will come from the Wadden Sea itself. 

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