Do you know the phrase “small but nice”? It fits perfectly with the mini campsites that you can view on this page. If you are on holiday here, you will completely relax. Not only because of its small scale and privacy, but also because of its location. Near the beach, right on the water, on the edge of the forest or in the middle of the polder: you will find these small campsites in the most relaxed places you can imagine. Nature is never far away. In addition, the owners will always give you a warm welcome and will personally do everything to ensure you have a great camping holiday. Say for yourself: can you find all of that on a large campsite? Exactly, you can only really camp on a small campsite! At Vodatent you can therefore choose from the best mini campsites in Europe.

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What is a mini campsite?

The name says it all: a mini campsite is a small campsite with no more than 30 camping pitches. In winter these places may not be rented. The big difference with a farm campsite is that there can sometimes be more camping pitches on a farm. In addition, a mini campsite cannot always be found on a farm, and a farm campsite can of course be found. Farm campsites with a small number of camping pitches in their yard are therefore also a mini campsite.

The best small campsites can be found in the Netherlands

With more than 17 million people in such a small country, you wouldn't say. Yet you can still camp in peace in the Netherlands. The 12 provinces all have something unique to offer. From camping on the beach to campsites with beautiful cycling and walking routes in the area. When you think of the Netherlands, you think of water! That's never far away here. It is therefore not difficult to find a mini campsite close to the sea, a swimming lake or a river. Whether you want to take a weekend or week away or want to celebrate your summer holiday: a mini campsite in the Netherlands is always a good idea! It is precisely because of this small scale that you can spend extra time with your family.

Sun, sea, beach, Zeeland!

Those who love water sports must be in Zeeland. And those who don't like sports, but also enjoy lounging on the beach! This province is arguably one of the best places to get away from the hustle and bustle of life. Not your watch, but ebb and flow determine the rhythm of the day here. Moreover, here you can discover the charm of the countryside and try special regional products. You don't have to be afraid of the holiday silos, because you can cycle them off in no time. For example to the beach, where you can relax, fly a kite, surf, sail, snorkel, dive and much more. Not only regional products are on the menu here, but also tasty sea dishes such as herring and mussels. That is healthier than Zeeland boluses and babblers, but don't forget that it is also vacation. You can also choose to soak up culture in one of the lovely Zeeland villages and towns or to delve into the flood disaster. Are you getting bored? Then the border with Belgium is never far away. In short, you will not get bored during your holiday at a mini campsite in Zeeland!

Watery Friesland

The Frisian lakes: who doesn't know them? There are just 24! Just like in Zeeland, the water in Friesland is never far away. In fact, Friesland has just as much water as land within its borders. And of course we should not forget the Wadden Sea. It is therefore wonderful here to sail, swim and sunbathe by the water. If you decide to go on holiday to a mini campsite in Friesland, you will enjoy the water and nature anyway. Besides water sports, you can also cycle and walk. Are you more curious about the Frisian culture? Then you can also visit one of the many museums or the famous eleven cities.

The spatial landscape of Drenthe

If you really want to enjoy peace and nature, you should go on holiday to a small campsite in Drenthe. There are beautiful forests and heaths to be found. Did you know that Drenthe is one of the best provinces for cycling? There are kilometers of cycling routes that lead you through the woods, over the heath and along beautiful meadows. It's easy to get lost in all that natural beauty here, but there is also a lot to experience in the cultural field. An educational trip to the hunebedden, for example, is fun for young and old and a visit to camp Westerbork should not be missed. Moreover, there are nice cities in Drenthe to visit when you stay at a mini campsite.

Mini campsites in the hills of Limburg

Where the rest of the Netherlands is largely flat, you can find rolling hills in Limburg with the Vaalserberg as the pinnacle. Ideal for a tough cycling or walking tour. The real sports enthusiast can also enjoy mountain biking here. A visit to Maastricht is also worthwhile. Here you can enjoy history, grab a terrace or take a nice cruise on the Maas. Do not forget to visit a castle. This always appeals to the imagination of children and nowhere in the Netherlands you will find as many castles as here. True connoisseurs cannot ignore the Limburg pie when they camp at a mini campsite in Limburg.

Camping at a small campsite in North Holland

Together with Zeeland, Noord-Holland is the province to enjoy the sun, sea and beach. The North Sea, the Wadden Sea and the Ijsselmeer are always nearby. This means that you can sunbathe, swim or enjoy a drink at one of the nice beach bars. The most famous beaches are those of Bloemendaal and Zandvoort. You can also do water sports here, such as surfing and sailing. Of course, Noord-Holland is also known for the bulb fields and cozy historic cities such as Haarlem, Alkmaar, Zaandam, Volendam and the capital Amsterdam. The Wadden island of Texel is also fun to visit if you go camping at a small campsite in North Holland.

Discover the versatility of South Holland

As the most densely populated province in the Netherlands, you would expect South Holland not to be the province for a mini campsite. Yet, in addition to the large cities that are worth visiting, you will also find quiet villages and lots of nature. It is precisely this combination that makes South Holland so special. There are cities with modern architecture, such as the port city of Rotterdam and The Hague, historic cities such as Leiden, Delft and Gouda, beaches, extensive polders and nature reserves. For example, go for a day to the Biesbosch, where you can walk or take a boat trip. If you are going camping at a mini campsite in South Holland, a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Windmills of Kinderdijk should of course not be missed.

Burgundian life on a mini campsite in North Brabant

The real bon vivants can be found at a small campsite in North Brabant. Here you can enjoy a wonderful cycling or walking tour through nature, visit one of the cozy historic cities, but also enjoy a cozy terrace or restaurant. That is the Brabant atmosphere! For the little ones, a visit to the Efteling and Safaripark Beekse Bergen should of course not be missed if you are having a holiday at a small campsite in North Brabant. It is also always nice to cross the border with Belgium.

The Veluwe and the Achterhoek in the province of Gelderland

With the Veluwe and the Achterhoek, Gelderland has perhaps the most beautiful regions in the Netherlands. You can climb a lot on the pedals here to make beautiful bike rides through the beautiful nature. Of course, De Hoge Veluwe National Park is known, but there is so much more to experience here. Think of the nice cities of Arnhem, Nijmegen, Apeldoorn and Doetinchem where you can sniff culture, shop or grab a terrace. The most famous attractions for young and old are the Kröller-Müller museum, Burger’s Zoo and the Apenheul. You should definitely not skip this one if you are camping at a small campsite in Gelderland.

Small campsites in Overijssel

In Overijssel you will find nice cities and varied nature. You can cycle, walk, but also surf, sail and swim. A visit to the capital Zwolle or one of the other Hanseatic cities, such as Deventer and Kampen, is always worthwhile. You should definitely not miss Giethoorn. This water village is also called the Venice of the Netherlands or the North, because you can take a beautiful cruise through the canals here. The most famous region of Overijssel is Twente, with the pleasant cities of Almelo, Hengelo and Enschede. Although the Tukkers are known to be a bit stiff, they will welcome you with open arms. Are you coming camping at a mini campsite in Overijssel?

Enjoy the Groningen countryside

If you opt for a small campsite in Groningen, it may be that there is hardly anyone else in the wide vicinity of the campsite. You are surrounded by the countryside with old farms. Does that make Groningen boring? On the contrary! There is plenty to do! Think, for example, of the pleasant capital Groningen. You can shop here, visit museums or enjoy a terrace. Cycling and walking in the vast countryside is always a good idea. There are many wooded areas to be found. The Pieterburen Seal Center is fun for children, where they can play and meet the seals.

Utrecht: camping on a mini campsite in the middle of the Netherlands

Do you know what is ideal about camping on a small campsite in Utrecht? You can easily go anywhere, because this province is centrally located in the Netherlands. Whether you want to make a city trip to Amsterdam or Rotterdam, want to visit the Brabant atmosphere, eat mussels in Zeeland or enjoy the peace and space in the northeast of the country. Almost everything is close! In the capital of the same name of Utrecht you can shop, eat out and enjoy culture. For example, climb the Dom Tower or visit the Miffy museum. Nature in Utrecht is very versatile. The most famous nature reserve is Utrechtse Heuvelrug National Park, but you can enjoy meadows, polders, dunes and forests everywhere. Consider, for example, the Vinkeveense and Loosdrechtse Plassen. So you don't have to leave Utrecht at all to enjoy a nice holiday on a mini campsite.

The nicest mini-campsites in Belgium

Belgium is known for its Burgundian hospitality, historic cities such as Ghent and Bruges, pralines, Flemish fries, waffles and Belgian beers. In addition, this country has a lot of natural beauty and you can enjoy it all the more on a small campsite. These campsites are all located in beautiful places in nature! For example, you can explore the surroundings of Belgian Limburg on foot or by bike or enjoy survival or mountain biking in the Ardennes. Here you imagine yourself in a completely different world during your holiday. The rugged hills with forests and rivers are loved by sports and nature lovers. You can go hiking, mountain biking, climbing, abseiling, zip lining and canoeing. Don't forget to enjoy a nice specialty beer after all those efforts. There are bound to be a few local breweries near the mini campsite that can quench your thirst. Flemish stew is also an absolute culinary masterpiece of Belgian cuisine. In short, camping on a small campsite in Belgium offers something for everyone.

Camping at a small campsite in Germany

Germany has a surprising amount to offer for lovers of small-scale camping. There is a great diversity of landscapes and a lot of nature. There are mountains, vast meadows, forests and rivers such as the Rhine and the Moselle. There are also beautiful hilly landscapes such as in the Eifel. Here you can make beautiful cycling and walking tours. But Germany is more than just nature. There are nice towns to visit and cultural excursions. Think of historic cities such as Trier or bustling large cities such as Cologne. And not to mention castles. You will not find more castles in any country in the world than in Germany. Lovers of nature and culture are in the right place in this country. The hospitality of the owners will make your holiday on a mini campsite in Germany complete.

Mini campsites in the countryside of France

Camping with a view over the vineyards. Where better than in France? Small campsites in France can often be found in the countryside, close to a picturesque village. Here you can buy sandwiches at the boulangerie or shop at the local market. In the country known for wine, baguette and cheese, you can really relax for a while. The only effort you can think of is that of the cycling and walking tours that you can make in the vicinity of the campsite. Or during a game of jeu de boules of course. Yet France is certainly not boring. The breathtaking landscapes and nature will amaze you every day and there is also plenty to do on a cultural level. In short, come and relax in France on a cozy mini campsite while enjoying a good glass of wine and French cheese!

Discover the beautiful nature of the Czech Republic

The impressive nature of the Czech Republic is the reason for many holidaymakers to go camping here. Nowhere else can you enjoy the Czech nature better than on a mini campsite, in the middle of the forest or right on the water. Go hiking or cycling through the forests, hills and mountains. A visit to one of the old castles in the Czech Republic appeals to many children. The capital Prague also almost looks like a fairytale. It is bursting with history and a city trip is therefore very worthwhile. Do not forget to visit the city in the evening. All old buildings are then beautifully lit. Did you know that the lager comes from the Czech Republic? Of course, a taste of culture cannot be skipped if you go camping at a small campsite in the Czech Republic.

Mini campsites are ideal for the “elderly” and 50+

Everyone who camps is young at heart. However, an older couple or 50+ has different requirements than a young family. In that respect, a small campsite is ideal, because there is often no noisy entertainment team and a lot of hustle and bustle. What do we find on a mini campsite? Lots of peace, nature and privacy. These small-scale campsites are often located in the middle of a beautiful area and are surrounded by nature. It is therefore wonderful for cycling and walking. At many campsites you can rent (electric) bicycles or ask for tips about the best hiking routes. In addition, there is an atmosphere that many larger campsites do not have. The campsite owners will quickly know your name and do everything they can to make you feel at home. The other camping guests are always willing to have a chat, but also respect your privacy.

Camping with the kids

Are mini campsites also suitable for children? The charm of a quiet small campsite is that there is often no entertainment team, swimming pool and large playgrounds. Sometimes there is not even WiFi! Fortunately, most mini campsites have other amenities and activities to keep the little ones entertained. One campsite has all kinds of animals that children can make friends with. The other campsite offers a horse holiday again. In addition, most small campsites have certainly thought of the little ones. And although there are often no sports facilities, a football field is easily assembled with some sticks or stones. Another advantage of mini campsites is that they are clear. This way you can always keep an eye on things and you don't have to worry about your children getting lost. That way you also have a nice holiday!

Small campsites with swimming pool

Mini campsites are often simple in design. Therefore, do not expect large swimming pools in which you can swim laps. However, some small campsites do have a swimming pool where you can take a dip on warm days. Many other mini-campsites are close to the beach, a swimming lake or river so that you always have some coolness within reach.

A small campsite by the sea, on the beach or by the water

If you spend the summer holidays on a mini campsite, a refreshing dive should of course not be missed. Further south in Europe, a splash in the cold water is also nice in the spring or autumn. That is why some of our small-scale campsites have a thing for water. They are located in the most beautiful places along the beach or on other swimming water, such as a lake or river. Of course, the water is not only ideal for swimming. Water sports enthusiasts can enjoy their hobby, such as surfing, sailing, water skiing, kite surfing, diving and snorkeling. Do you choose the beach? Then you do not have to enter or enter the water to still enjoy the sea. For example, go for a long walk on the beach, fly a kite, build sand castles, look for shells, sunbathe, watch the sunset, enjoy an ice cream, drink or fish at a beach bar or have a good time with your dog.

Dogs are welcome at most Vodatent mini campsites

Your dog is of course your most loyal family member and should not be missed when you go on holiday to a small-scale campsite. At most Vodatent campsites dogs are not only allowed, but very welcome! Often there is a lot more space for your dog on a mini campsite and the animal-friendly owners will secretly give your four-legged friend a treat every now and then. Your dog will enjoy the holiday even more, because these small campsites are often in the middle of nature. Sometimes there are rules for dogs on the campsites themselves. For example, your dog may need to be on a leash. You can see which rules apply to your mini campsite on the campsite page or inquire at Vodatent. In addition, additional vaccinations may be required for your dog when you go on holiday abroad. If you decide to book your mini campsite, you can indicate on the booking form that your dog is going with you.

Small campsites with private sanitary facilities

Camping is great, but nightly visits to the central sanitary building is a minor drawback. In addition, it would be great if you could just leave all your shower stuff standing. Fortunately, there are also mini campsites with their own sanitary facilities. At some small campsites, the Vodatent safari tent has a small sanitary building with its own shower and toilet. This way you don't have to go over the campsite with a toilet roll under your arm or wait to take a shower. Shower coins are also a thing of the past.

Camping on a mini campsite in a Vodatent safari tent

Camping in a mini campsite means enjoying nature in peace. Of course you do that in a tent. But whether you have a young family or are already a year older: nobody likes to set up tents and unload all kinds of things. That is why a Vodatent safari tent is ready for you when you arrive at your mini campsite. You can immediately enjoy the peace and space. In addition, they are equipped with all comforts, such as soft beds, a dining table, a coffee maker, plates and cutlery. You can cook with the kitchenette that you can simply roll outside in good weather. You can enjoy your children playing under the spacious awning.

In that respect, camping with Vodatent on a small-scale campsite is the best of both worlds. You enjoy all the peace and privacy that a small campsite has to offer in a comfortable safari tent that is fully equipped. That's vacation! Do not wait any longer and book your mini camping now at Vodatent!

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