Glamping holiday in the Ardèche

One of the most beautiful departments of France and a household name among tourists, the Ardèche. Here you are surrounded by breathtaking river gorges, untamed landscapes and small villages. If you are really looking for that holiday feeling, relaxation, exertion and enjoying nature and the wonderful climate, then you have come to the right place in the Ardèche. This environment, in combination with a glamping accommodation, makes it complete holiday. Our glamping accommodations are fully furnished and ready for you, so you can start relaxing right away.


Interesting places worth visiting

There is much to see and do in the Ardèche. From visiting small charming villages with historic churches, castles and bridges to the crocodile farm in Pierrelatte. Take for example the village of Thueyts, here you can see beautiful stone houses and the old French architecture. In the surrounding nature you will also find many beauties that are worth walking. For example, there is the waterfall 'Mouth of Hell' or the Devil's Bridge over the river Ardèche. And has the temperature already risen to such an extent that you are looking to cool down? Then you can enjoy swimming in the river.

Furthermore, is it possible to go on safari with the family. That is possible in the Peaugres Safari Park, the largest animal park in the Rhône-Alpes region. You can explore the park on foot or by car. More than 900 animals and 130 different species from different continents around the world live here.

Finally, the Abbey of Notre-DAme d'Aiguebelle is also worth visiting. Monks still live here and it is the most spiritual place in the whole department. You can visit the exhibition space to learn more about the history of this beautiful building. Afterwards you can stop by the shop where you can buy delicious products such as cakes, chocolate and jam from the monastery.


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Spend the night in the Ardèche

Would you like to enjoy the nature, culture and temperatures of the Ardèche? Then choose a glamping holiday in one of our accommodations. Everything is ready on arrival so that the enjoyment can begin immediately. All you have to do is figure out which beautiful place you will visit first.

Découvrez nos campings en Ardèche

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