Rent a safari tent in Belgian Limburg

You can enjoy boundless entertainment at Belgian Limburg. With its varied landscapes, this region is a paradise for hikers and cyclists. Did you know that you can find the only national park of Belgium here? Belgian Limburg is more than that. You will find picturesque villages and historic cities. You can rent a safari tent in Belgian Limburg at Vodatent. 

Belgian Limburg is very varied. Whether you like walking or cycling, looking for culture in historic cities or the cosiness in picturesque villages. Everything is possible. With the Netherlands around the corner, a visit to Maastricht is also doable. For a day out with children there is plenty to discover. You could go to Plopsa Indoor amusement park de Valkenier or walk along the barefoot path in Zutendaal. 


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Rent a safari tent

If you are looking for a varied environment, then Belgian Limburg is a great holiday destination. We offer several safari tents in this region. For example, you can rent a safari tent with sanitary facilities or a safari tent with a private sanitary unit right next to the safari tent. Are you on holiday with young children? Then rent a safari tent with sanitary facilities and extra space with a play area. If you just want to get away from it all, a 4-person safari tent is big enough. You can rent a safari tent in Belgian Limburg at Vodatent. 

National Park Hoge Kempen

The Belgium’s only national park is located in Belgian Limburg. Hoge Kempen National Park is a nature reserve with over 5700 hectares of forest and heathland. The landscape at Hoge Kempen National Park is very varied. You can walk through the pine forests and find yourself on purple-flowering heath. In this nature reserve you will also find high peaks with a panoramic view. 

Burgundian Belgian Limburg

Do you love delicious food and drinks? Do you like to drink a special local beer? Rent a safari tent in Belgian Limburg. This is the perfect place for gourmets. There is no need to look around for a cosy café or restaurant. You will find plenty of places to eat. If you want to get acquainted with beer brewing and the different wine domains, we encourage you to follow the beer and wine route. In this way, you will get familiar with various regional products from Belgian Limburg. 

The cycling province of Belgium

In the Netherlands the province Drenthe is the best known for its cycling routes and in Belgium this is Belgian Limburg. Because of its varying and hilly landscpe you can discover many beautiful places. Are you more sporty? There are different trails for mountain bike lovers. One of the cycling trail you should check out is the one to Hasselt. 

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