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When you think of a holiday, you think of sun. When you think of sun, you think of water. What could be more fun than playing with water? Fortunately, you can contact us! If you're looking for a safari tent with a pool, you've come to the right place! Whether you're looking for an outdoor or indoor pool, there's plenty to choose from!

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Water fun

The children will enjoy themselves in the cool water. The slides are often a favorite with the little ones, but the adults and teens can enjoy them too! Enjoy the waterfalls and the games around them. Of course, the little ones have also been thought of. The paddling pools are often not missing! These somewhat shallower pools are perfect for smaller children.

Indoor swimming pool

Don't let the weather take away from your swimming fun! For the cooler days there are campsites with a covered (heated) swimming pool. So you can always enjoy the water. Indoor swimming pools are often heated. This means you can also use the pool in the spring or autumn.


If you want to relax, take a look at the campsites with wellness. Relax in the bubble bath. Or take a relaxing massage. This way you can recharge yourself the best. This is what we really call glamping with a pool! What a good night's sleep after a relaxing day!


Do you like swimming? And you can’t enjoy a holiday without a swimming pool? Then find the campsite with the best swimming facilities here! Look and compare what is the best choice for you. We wish you a fantastic holiday!

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