Camping with older youth

The youth often want luxury, comfort and above all good Wi-Fi during their holidays. These are some of the things which are crucial ingredients for teenagers to be convinced to partake in a holiday with parents. It is only when the teenager is convinced that they want to go on a holiday with their parents. As a parent, you obviously want the children to be active during the holiday. Activities such as swimming or being outdoors are things the children can participate in. There is also a wonderful sports field to enjoy playing tennis or football.  


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Family campsites

Vodatent rents out its safari tents on cosy family campsites. With the whole family, you stay in the spacious and comfortable safari tents. A good night's sleep on a good mattress. Just chill out on the lounge set on the terrace, while you enjoy cooking. In the evening, you can sit under the awning together. Here hangs a light cord that gives enough light to play a game. When the evenings get colder - or a little later in the evening - you can relax in the spacious living and dining area. In the safari tent, there are two sleeping cabins. Therefore, everyone can enjoy their holiday.


Teenagers do not want to be kept busy all day by an animation team. They prefer to decide for themselves what they want to do. Going for a swim with friends away from the campsite. Or go to the bar or disco in the evening. On several campsites, there are activities for teenagers. However, the most important thing is a good Wi-Fi connection. This is because they need to stay in touch with their friends at home. The nice thing about camping is that the teenagers quickly make new friends on the campsite. As a parent, you obviously want your teens to enjoy themselves. At our cosy campsites, you do not have to worry about anything. How wonderful is that?  

Making memories

When the teenagers get older, they prefer not to go on holidays with their parents. However, as parents, you still want to enjoy a well-deserved holiday with the whole family. That is why you want them to join. It is important that you make some great memories on that special campsite together. The campsites have lovely swimming pools, fun activities for teenagers where nothing is required and everything is allowed , and do not forgot about the impeccable Wi-Fi connection.


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